Jeff and Substrate Websoft and I worked with Ohio City Inc. to redo their website. We did a full overhaul — from the foundation, strategy, platform, full design and user experience.

It was an awesome project to work on. There are many different kinds of visitors (first-time Ohio City visitors, residents, people familiar with the neighborhood but looking for somewhere new to go, etc.) — so planning was very important. We made sure that whoever came to the website could find what they needed easily and quickly. We gave people a sense of what the neighborhood is like through photography. And we made it easy for people to find places to visit with the interactive Neighborhood Guide.

Working on projects for our great city is one of my favorite things to do! Helping people see how many great things there are to explore is so rewarding.

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Ohio City, located just west of Downtown Cleveland and the Cuyahoga River, sits at the center of the City’s Near West Side. Home to 9,000 residents, Ohio City is a complete urban neighborhood that can meet all your needs. 


We started with research, strategic planning and information architecture.


Focusing on the different users visiting the site, I wireframed all of the different page types then came up with a full aesthetic that went with the vision of OCI.


Jeff built the site on a custom Drupal CMS. The client was so excited about the ease of updating all of the different content types in the system he built.

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