What a fun project! It was great getting to work with the California author, Brian Brennt and his team. I redesigned his books to look like a series — each working together, but different. Each book has it’s own primary and secondary colors, but I created one color palette for the whole series that those are chosen from.

The incredible photography was provided by some of their team at the Circuit Riders, David Parks and Andrew Boyer. The books are available in print and soon will also be available as e-books.

Brian Brennt - Freedom Manual - Inside Cover
Brian Brennt - Freedom Manual - Inside Spread
Brian's Book Covers


The Circuit Riders are a national family of like-hearted soul winners who are creatively catalyzing their campuses and regions into salvation, awakening, and multiplication.


Starting from scratch, I got to visualize and breathe new life into these books by coming up with a new design concept — one both easier to read and eye-catching.


After the concept was approved, I implemented the design throughout all of the chapters in each book. Some involved callouts, graphics and everything was kept in the same new brand look.


All of those Ohio U journalism classes paid off with this project. Copyediting was another service this client needed. Grammatically correct and consistent in style.